Medical And Legal Advocacy

Medical And Legal Advocacy

Helping Hands attempts to provide many of the services the residents were not given by their primary care givers. In efforts to enhance the nurturing environment of our agency, each child receives medical, dental and optical care. Program Coordinators, Direct Care Staff and DSS Caseworkers work collectively in order to coordinate each appointment. While working together, staff or caseworkers transport residents, whenever necessary, to and from appointments and off-campus visits.

Helping Hands also actively supports our residents during family court and any other court proceedings. We do this by providing court preparation and guidance through the legal process. It is a vital part of the advocacy portion of this agency to have a responsible adult representative from Helping Hands at each and every court date to support our residents to the best of our ability. We speak up in regards to their rights and we also encourage them to voice their opinions, concerns and thoughts throughout the legal process.

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