New Beds for Well-rested Heads

VOCA Grant Helps Deliver New Furniture

IMG 20160924 103212989As you’ve probably heard or previously read, Helping Hands, Inc. has been fortunate enough to receive lots of new equipment, furniture and funding of other services through various grants recently.

Not long ago, we were in the news regarding the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grant we were awarded earlier this year.

This grant has helped us create new, much-needed staff positions, further provide for the outreach position, buy new office equipment and most recently, brand new bedroom furniture for our 58-bed facility.

In 2014 and 2015, we served 142 and 171 children and youth victims of abuse, abandonment and/or neglect, respectively. That means the beds, dressers and other every day furniture has really undergone some major wear and tear.

Thanks to the VOCA grant, our agency was able to purchase new beds, mattresses, side tables and dressers for each of our three program-area bedrooms.

It took two huge U-Haul trucks to deliver all of the many wooden pieces on Thursday, September 22 and from about 10am until after 1pm, the furniture delivery guys worked diligently to put all of the frames and pieces together. IMG 20160922 150043283

When Director of Communications and Special Events Melanie Hutto spoke to some of the school-age and teen residents, after the youth had spent two nights with their new items, they had plenty of wonderful things to say!

“My new bed curves with me when I lay down so my back feels so much better in the morning when I wake up,” stated one 13-year-old resident.

“I slept so good both nights! I think my new bed is the best!” exclaimed a school-age girl.

Little “Ty,” who is maybe 4-feet tall on a good day, said her bed is "super tall; I really hope I don’t roll over and fall off in my sleep, ‘cause that will be a long fall!”

Funding like the VOCA grant offers is essential to nonprofit agencies like us and we are extremely grateful to be a recipient!

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