What do you remember most about your time at Helping Hands?
“I remember the fun times and the hard times it took me to get where I am at right now.”

What is your greatest achievement?
“I have achieved the ability to become a real man and I think Helping Hands played in a role in that.”

How did Helping Hands make a difference in your life?
“Helping Hands has done a lot for me. The staff are like your older brothers, Ms. Nikki and Ms. Carmen are like the mother and that that teaches you right from wrong.”

What advice do you have for future or current residents of Helping Hands?|
“No matter how hard things may seem, just remember that things can get better if you work towards that.”

Age when placed in custody? 16
Number of Years at Helping Hands: 4
Current Location: Augusta, GA
Educational/Career Achievements: Associates Degree, Aiken Technical College and Senior at Augusta State University
Spouse: No
Number of Children: 0