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Contact Ms. Geneva, our Volunteer coordinator, at or (803) 648-3456 ext.110 to set up a donation.

Help our residents celebrate

We have a few events coming up for our residents! Next Friday, we’ll be holding a prom for our residents with the theme “Starry Night”. The colors are midnight blue, gold, and a splash of white. It’s going to be a magical night!

Other events:

May 25th – Memorial Day Cookout
June 5th – Graduation and End of School Year Celebration.

Any donation that will help make these events a success is greatly appreciated!

Food Donations

Direct care staff handle the cooking of meals for our residents. Local restaurants may donate meals to give our staff a hand. Plus, it’s a treat for our youth!

Help our residents celebrate

As the COVID-19 virus is still a concern, we will not be able to do our usual Summer Blast trips for now. Still, we’d like to do something FUN on campus for June so we’re bringing the water park to our residents!

We’d love slip and slides, any water toys, school age (18M to L) and teen (Small to 2X) bathing suits, and water shoes.

Summer Blast Trip Essentials

Swimwear, Flip Flops, Sunscreen, Insect Repellent, Towels

20 in stock