Performance and Quality Improvement Plan

Helping Hands, Inc. is committed to providing quality services to its clients. The Performance and Quality Improvement Plan (PQI Plan) is designed provide continual feedback to ensure that the agency continues to provide services in a manner that is efficient and effective in facilitating improvement in the lives of those we serve. This is achieved by continuously collecting data from both internal and external stakeholders and using it to inform the agency’s goals. Staff members are trained on and included in the PQI process regularly, beginning in new employee orientation. The Administrative team will use this process to create short and long term goals which incorporate the ideas generated within PQI.

Structure – The PQI Committee will consist of 7‐9 members from the internal and external stakeholder community. Some groups, including current residents, may meet separately for confidentiality purposes. The CEO and administrative team maintain responsibility for convening groups, distributing surveys and aggregating data.

Data and Its Uses: The data collected by Helping Hands will come from regular inspections, quarterly surveys, incident reports and stakeholder input (depending on the nature of the relationship with the agency). The data will be used to determine key outcomes such as the safety of the facility, the capability of the staff, academic success of residents, stakeholder satisfaction, program efficiency and the availability of appropriate services relating to program results, client outcomes and operations/management. The Committee will track the progress of clients, to monitor the effectiveness of program activities and to determine what program changes, if any, should be made. Each stakeholder is expected to represent his/her specific areas of concern. This diversity will lend itself to rich discussion and varied approaches to problem-solving and program enrichment.

For more information about the PQI process and plan specific to Helping Hands, contact:

United Way of Aiken County, Inc.
Aiken Chamber of Commerce
North Augusta Chamber Member

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