Community Programming (AYE)

The programs of Aiken Youth Empowerment (AYE) are research-based and proven to promote healthy decisions and relationships and prevent risk-taking behaviors such as sexual activity among youth.  For more information about our programs, contact our Community Educators at (803) 648-3456!

  • Girls Circle
  • Boys Council
  • Real Talk: This program provides age-appropriate education and resources to PREVENT risk-taking behaviors and PROMOTE healthy decision-making skills.
  • Real Care Infant Simulators: This program helps students experience the emotional, financial and social consequences of parenting and improves parent/child communication.
  • Emerging Adults: For older teens and youth
  • Parent Power: This provides educational programs for parents, focused on empowering them to improve parent/child relationships, enhance parenting skills and communicate their own values effectively.
  • Job-Readiness and Career Exploration

To learn more visit the Aiken Youth Empowerment website.

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