Community Programming (AYE)

The programs of Aiken Youth Empowerment (AYE) are research-based and proven to promote healthy decisions and relationships and prevent risk-taking behaviors such as sexual activity among youth.  For more information about our programs, contact our Community Educators at (803) 648-3456!

  • Girls Circle
  • Boys Council
  • Real Talk: This program provides age-appropriate education and resources to PREVENT risk-taking behaviors and PROMOTE healthy decision-making skills.
  • Real Care Infant Simulators: This program helps students experience the emotional, financial and social consequences of parenting and improves parent/child communication.
  • Emerging Adults: For older teens and youth
  • Parent Power: This provides educational programs for parents, focused on empowering them to improve parent/child relationships, enhance parenting skills and communicate their own values effectively.
  • Job-Readiness and Career Exploration

To learn more visit the Aiken Youth Empowerment website.

Sex Ed for All

In May we celebrate Sex Ed for All month!

Sex education gives young people age-appropriate, medically accurate information and answers to their questions about sex and relationships, without shame or judgment. It has been proven to positively impact young people’s lives. But too many young people don’t have access to sex education, or the programs in their school are shaming or inaccurate.

Sex Ed For All Month is an effort spearheaded by a national coalition of sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations committed to ensuring equitable and accessible sex education for all young people.

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