I was removed from my home due to neglect. I remember felling confused and angry.

I was upset, mad at the world when I was brought into care. I cried every single night because I wanted to be with my family. I was also disrespectful towards the staff. The day I turned 16 years old, I decided I wasn’t going to do anymore crying. I got my first job, which was exciting. I worked and realized I had to be there so I may as well get with the program.

A staff member, whom I talk to every day, helped me with my attitude and talked with me about opportunities they had. She also helped me get through that point in my life when I thought I would stay there forever.

I am currently going to school for nursing. I have my CNA and CCMA license. I am a mother of three working on buying a home. My goal is to one day open up a living center for patients that can’t
do for themselves or open up a school to teach Certified Nursing Assistant.