On July 20, 2022, the Gregg-Graniteville Foundation represented by Ira E. “Bud” Coward, President of the Board of Directors, George B. Mitchell, Vice President of the Board of Directors, and Diana Silas, Executive Director presented a welcome donation to Carmen Landy, Chief Executive Officer of Helping Hands. The $7,200 grant will cover the cost of a new HVAC unit for their administrative building – and with summer now in full swing, this could not have come at a better time for Helping Hands staff. 

“Our priority is always to make sure our residents are comfortable and as the adults charged to take care of them, we always put ourselves second,” said Landy. “This donation allows the staff to enjoy the same level of comfort during the summer that our residents enjoy, maintaining a consistent climate throughout the campus.” 

Helping Hands approached Gregg-Graniteville Foundation as they have always been invested in the agency since its inception. In fact, in 1973, The Foundation donated $10,000, which was integral to the founding of Helping Hands. 

The Gregg-Graniteville Foundation has been serving Graniteville and surrounding areas since 1949.  We are proud to support worthwhile organizations such as Helping Hands,” said Diana Silas. 

According to their webpage, the mission of Gregg-Graniteville Foundation is “to enhance the education, health and general welfare of the community by providing scholarships and making capital grants to service organizations and institutions within the Aiken County, South Carolina area.” 

“We appreciate that foundations like Gregg-Graniteville are available for us locally to fund this type of project which isn’t always funded by other sources,” said Carmen Landy. 

Helping Hands, Inc. is an emergency home for children in South Carolina and has been providing services to youth since 1973. For more information about Helping Hands, Inc. and its programs and services, visit helpinghandsaiken.org.